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Provide High Performance and Budget-Friendly Thermal Imaging Devices

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Global service in CHINA

China boasts the research and development center and the corporate headquarters.

Transportation center in germany

Germany features the key logistics and transit hub for streamlined operations.

Service center in latvia

Latvia is home to the sophisticated maintenance center.

Why Choose us

Conotech has implemented a global strategy, providing not only self-driven research and development but also ensuring that our worldwide centers can address your after-sales maintenance and transportation needs.

Empowering You Beyond the Purchase

Our commitment to you extends beyond the point of sale. Experience our world-class after-sales services designed to provide continuous support, ensuring you get the best out of our products.

Dedicated Support Line

Reach out to our support team
or call 0086 27 8663 5300.
We're here to assist you with any queries or concerns.

Comprehensive User Manuals

Each of our products comes with a comprehensive user manual,. Explore the full potential of our products with detailed instructions.

Regular Firmware Updates

Keep your equipment updated and secure with our regular firmware updates. We ensure your products always run on the latest software.

Product Training

We offer professional product training to help you understand and use our products effectively. Our training sessions can provide valuable insights.

Warranty and Repairs

Rest assured with our robust warranty policies. Should any issue arise, our team provides timely repairs and 3-year warranty on all products.

Feedback Loop

Our feedback loop ensures your experiences and suggestions are heard and considered, helping us enhance our products and services further.

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