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Ergonomic design

12μm Advanced Imaging Sensor

The 12um thermal imaging sensor with less than 25mK NETD offers Sharp, richly contrasted images while retaining the accuracy of the day scope. Compared with 17um sensor, it has a lower FOV, looks sharper and more detailed enabling better object identification capabilities.

Ultra light and compact design

The compact and lightweight design provides easier portability, balance and accuracy of the rifle and comfort when hunting.

User-friendly interface

With circual arrangement icons, quick access to menu selection and easy to locate different options that provide a user-friendly operate experience.

No rezeroing required and quickly mounted

Quickly mounted in front of your dayscope to provide enhanced thermal capabilities without having to re-zero your daylight scope. The mount allows to perform precise alignment of attachment’s field of view with central point of riflescope’s field of view in order to achieve the optimal viewing position.

Detection range

A powerful F25/1.1 or F35/1.1 objective lens combined with a highly-sensitive thermal imaging sensor provides exceptional detection capabilities.