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Thermal Scope combines classic design – Night Arrow

What’s the recently hottest topic in thermal area? It definitely is the thermal scope combines classic design – Night Arrow from Conotech.

Why do I have to choose Conotech Arrow as my thermal scope?

NAR – classic outlook for traditionalists

Traditionalists are making a slow and cautions shift towards thermal optics will be pleased to learn that NAR is of similar shape and proportion to a conventional telescopic sight, so it looks and feels much more familiar than boxier designs. Its aluminum housing has a 30mm tube that enables you to mount, position and look though it.

NAR – 12 hours long operating time

NAR has two internal 18650 rechargeable batteries to keep lasting operating time from dust to sunrise. Moreover, NAR supports an external 18500 rechargeable battery to increase long lasting time for more than 12 hours to improve hunting experience. It solves the problem of low battery capacity or exchanging batteries when hunting at night.

NAR – Quick charge for 3 hours

NAR supports quick full charge for only 3 hours. Please use with PD20W charger and matched USB-C cable to achieve it. Compared to others, the quick charge function comes into play for the need of an impromptu hunting. Moreover, most of the device on the market do not support quick charging, but we have paid special attention to battery charging.    

NAR – Mounts on standard 30mm scope rings

NAR is mounted on standard 30mm scope rings. The classic design meets the needs of professional hunters who would like to hunt with simple operation and high stability.

NAR – Easier accessing of menu options

NAR has a unique wheel design. The design of rotating the wheel can operate more precise and effectively. By rotating the wheel, the NAR enters the upper/next flat visual menu.

NAR – User friendly silent controls

NAR operation and adjustments are simple using the two function buttons (MENU and REC), a unique wheel and a controller. The controls are friendly and convenient for both right- and left-handed users. In addition, NAR is designed with silent shutter, controller and buttons. You can hunt without being disturbing, also the silent bounce design of the button is ergonomic.

NAR – Supper accuracy of 0.3 MOA

With precise optical design, NAR offers super accuracy.

What’s unique technology do you own for NAR? 

Conotech is proud of the unique technology, which is named Intelligent Bullet Drop Compensator (IBDC). A bullet drop compensating scope is a scope that either uses the reticle or specialized turrets to pre-calculate the distance that a bullet drops over specific distances. Based on the bullet drop compensator, Conotech updates the arithmetic to make users have unforgettable memories because of the shooting accuracy.

When a bullet exits a rifle barrel, the force of gravity immediately begins to take effect on the round as it moves towards the target. This effect causes the bullet in altitude to drop as it moves downrange, with the amount of drop increasing as the distance from the rifle barrel increases. To hit a target at longer distances, a shooter has to compensate for this drop by aiming the scope at a higher point than the target. This technique is called a holdover, and to successfully calculate how much to holdover requires knowing several factors, such as bullet caliber, bullet speed, bullet coefficient, distance to target and true power magnification range. This data has to be entered into a formula that takes all that data into account and provides an amount to hold the reticle over the desired target. When aiming to the target, the corresponding distance of target will appear on display.

After you get the range information from the range finder, the product can use an internal algorithm to show the suggested aiming point to improve the accuracy of the shot. This way you can shoot without judging by experience, which is very friendly to novice hunters.

Bullet drop compensation scopes use a specific reticle pattern to indicate how far bullets drop over a given distance. If the shooter sets up all the necessary BDC data points correctly and accurately, BDC-based rifle scopes can be extremely accurate. Several factors go into that statement about the accuracy, such as the rifle’s accuracy coupled with the shooter’s level of skill.

Initially the bullet drop compensator was used for American military purposes with a super high price, but later it was converted to civilian use. Moreover, focusing on the customer experience, Conotech promises that all updates to the software are free to the clients.